Did I love or hate the season finale of Girls? Well, there are really two answers to that question. The first one takes me back to 1872, when Teddy Roosevelt was just a young man with a penchant for shooting tin cans off of fences and blaming the Spanish for it…

 - Sing About Me, I'm Dying of Thirst
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Kendrick Lamar // Sing About Me, I’m Dying of Thirst

i was at my brother’s 7th birthday party today and a woman sidled up to me conspiratorially and whispered “brandeis university doesn’t have a football team” into my ear. do i give off the vibe of someone who would consider the lack of a football team a plus? or a minus? i don’t understand myself, or anyone else really

I had a sex dream about jenna maroney last night

Enlightened… man… b


Shinji Ikari arrives at the Oscars


Shinji Ikari arrives at the Oscars

if you would have told me that i would be spending my saturday night sitting in a motel room in conroe, texas watching buffy the vampire slayer on netflix, i would have said that that sounded like lyrics from a very lame and frankly uninspired mountain goats song

today i decided that i’m just gonna chalk high school up as a big missed opportunity and call it. i wonder how hard it is to get into oberlin

I stepped on a nail today but i didn’t turn into a half man half nail beast so i guess i’m happy

I only want to be called “the trickster god” from now on